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Production and sale of wood pellets

  • Страна, город/регион: Russia, Vladivostok
  • Телефон: +79146666866
  • Название организации: LLC "DNS Les"
  • Представитель (ФИО) Tischenko.av@dns-shop.ru
  • Сайт(домашняя страница) http://www.dns-les.ru
Фото товара: Production and sale of wood pellets
Описание товара:

In the structure of the DNS Group in 2016, the company was established LLC "DNS Les" in order to implement the investment project "Creation of a plant for the production of OSB boards and wood pellets" The young company united a group of specialists who have applied knowledge and practical experience in forestry, wood processing and construction industries.

Production and sale of wood pellets

Good afternoon!

My name is Alexey, I am the head of the sales department of the Russian company LLC "DNS Les", our company in 2018 in Primorsky Krai launches a plant to produce premium wood-fuel pellets (pellets). The volume of finished products from 30 000 tons per year, all products will comply with the EN PLUS A1 certificate (we also certify our forest plots by FSC). Our production is equipped with highly technological equipment Amandus Kahl (Germany), which allows to produce pellets of the highest quality. More information in the presentation.

We are very interested in signing long-term contracts for the supply of our product to Korea.

We also start the OSB production plant (oriented strand board) by the end of 2018, we are also interested in selling this product to the Korea market.

If you are interested in our products, please contact me!

Thank you in advance!

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